Who would like to die without making a will? Not many will answer this question in the affirmative. But the fact is that most people not only in the UK but also around the world do die without making a will. Why do they not make a will if it is so important? The simple answer is 'procrastination'.

The comedy of life is that most of the people never know when they are going to die so they don't make a will. And obviously, when they are about to die they don't feel like making a will. This is a catch-22 situation. However, awareness is spreading fast about the drawbacks of leaving property and money without proper allotment to friends and family.

Why do they shy away from making a will?

Most of the people shy away from making a will because of the hard work involved in the job. First, one has to find a solicitor, then call him, then fix an appointment and then visit him. That's a long process. People hardly have enough time these days for going through these activities except when it is urgent or necessary or binding to make a will. With internet at our disposal, we have come to a stage in our lives where we can circumvent all the unnecessary hard work and simply make a will online. It would just require making a few taps on the keyboard and a few clicks of the mouse.

Don't believe it? Visit simplewills.net. You will not only find simple and guided options for making a will, but you will also get a lot of other services like making a lasting power of attorney, details of inheritance tax, guardian ship insurance and professional executors. What else do you want from a website? On top of it, you get technical support from legal expert who advises you about making the right will which communicates your intended meaning. Getting technical advice is necessary otherwise your will may be interpreted in a different way than you have thought it.

Those who are still not sure whether they need to make will, should realize that life is highly uncertain. You can never say what is going to happen next. You won't like your family fighting over your property and money. Then why don't you make the matters simple and allot everybody the rightful share of what they deserve. For doing this, you will have to take the initiative now.

The good news!

The good news is that you won't have to go through the time consuming process of going to a solicitor for this. You won't even have to pay hundreds of dollars to get your will made. You just have to log on to simplewills.net and you are on. You can have your will ready in three simple steps that would hardly take more than a few minutes. That is insignificant time to invest for such a crucial activity. The three easy steps include filing out a questionnaire, making the payment of a few dollars and then signing your document. The final step is either printing the document or keeping a soft copy with you.

Also, if you are not sure of some of the questions in the questionnaire then you can get back later on to fill them. Since you are being proactive in making the will, you may need to make changes to it later. You have your profile and details saved on the server. Just log in with your secure password and rewrite the will.

Compare this with the traditional method of engaging a full time solicitor especially for your task. The more experienced the solicitor, the higher would be the charges. You will have to find somebody whom you trust and then disclose all the details.

Now's the right time!

Considering the benefits of making the will on time, like saving some inheritance tax that would be levied on the inheritors, allotting everybody what you think is their rightful share, and avoiding strain and disputes among the family members after you are gone, it is imperative that you act now. If you keep waiting till the last moment, then you may have to give the lasting power of attorney to somebody who would make decisions on your health, property and money. Nobody in his right mind would like to land in such a situation.